Are markets conversations?

  1. lykle
    @dubber @solobasssteve Curious to hear your thoughts on this! via @ThesisOne
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 02:45:50
  2. dubber
    @lykle @solobasssteve @ThesisOne Don’t have a problem with whitelisting, but here’s one other perspective:
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 02:57:02
  3. lykle
    @dubber @solobasssteve ouch. But: one could argue that this type of whitelisting currently does not take place in a competitive market.
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 03:12:35
  4. dubber
    @lykle @solobasssteve Let’s not get too excited about “the market” though…
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 03:36:18
  5. lykle
    @dubber @solobasssteve if markets are conversations, let’s get excited about conversations!
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 04:00:27
  6. dubber
    @lykle @solobasssteve If they are, then markets are only a subset of conversations – not the whole picture. 🙂
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 04:38:22