From Social Media Strategy to Social Business: we are here!

By this time, you are probably fed up with ‘Social’. You wonder when companies are finally going to ‘get it’ and start treating you as a stakeholder instead of a client. You don’t want to be considered a ’transactional party’, you want to be seen as a relation. A person. And you want to feel that companies understand that.

Well, we’re almost there, but not quite.

The smartest companies are only just beginning to figure out that it is not enough to embrace all the new social media channels to be successful. Some of them are even beginning to dismiss the value of ‘social’ at all. And that’s probably because they have been treating it as marketing channels, like they used to with TV, Radio and newspapers. Hey, if you keep doing what you were doing, you will continue to get what you got.

But there is hope. Check out this graph:

We, as a world, are entering the ‘Slope of Enlightenment’. Companies are starting to realize that they need to engage you in more ways than just one. But they need help scaling this new slope.

That is where we come in. We’ve done this. We have seen all of this happen, and know how to help companies build communities around their products and services. We are here as well.

We help companies move from employing a Social Media Strategy to becoming a Social Business.

The slide comes from this deck by Edelman Insights, enjoy it:

Social Business Planning from Edelman Insights