Blockchain – beyond bitcoin – for developers, december 14, The Big Building

Voor alle developers in het Hoge Noorden met interesse in Blockchain is er woensdag 14 december een leuke bijeenkomst in The Big Buiding. We hopen dat je erbij kunt zijn!

  • 17.00 Start. Eat Pizza. Drinks.
  • 17.30 Opening by Bob Voorneveld, Spindle: why?!
  • 17.45 Lykle de Vries, ThesisOne: Blockchain explained, the internet of trust &
  • 18.15 Rutger van Zuidam, DutchChain: Blockchain in practice – co-creating the operating system for humanity 2.0 + hackathon explainer
  • 18.45 Henk Doornbos, Media2B / Web11: Ethereum and smart contracts “under the hood”
  • 19.30 Extensive Q&A / Discussion

Want to take Blockchain for a test drive? Make sure to bring your laptop. We’ll have plenty of time after the Q&A to dive in some use cases.

Pizza by DutchChain Drinks by Spindle

RSVP before December 12th !

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