We are Lykle de Vries and Ronald Mulder. We are located in Groningen, The Netherlands.

We know a lot about Social Media, Business Model Design and (social) Innovation.

What we do

We help our clients transform their organisations into Social Enterprises. We apply our skills and knowledge to help our clients (re)discover the Love and Pride that fuels the engagement of their clients and employees. By doing so, we help our clients survive in the network- and knowledge economy of today.

Some background on Lykle and Ronald

The last couple of years, as De Ondernemers, we have done a lot of stuff in the area that was once called ‘web2.0’. We experimented with an online opinion magazine written by a (hyper)local community (Stadslichten), we tried to create an online marketplace for speakers (Speakonomy), we invested much (way much) too early in location based advertising (Profitbird) and somehow managed to makeTwitterfountain the joy of all people organizing conventions worldwide. In the mean time, we wrotebooks, gave lectures, helped kick off Startup Weekend Groningen and Social Media Club Groningen, and did numerous consulting gigs.