Met Blockchain kun je de wereld anders laten werken

Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017 Aftermovie Trailer #dbh17

Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017 February 10-12 Groningen, The Netherlands. Read more at: Bekijken op

International Trade and Entrepreneurship-track winners #dbh17 team Zissou: “We had a lot of fun”

“We solved a big problem for the Dutch self-employed. We made it easier to prove that you work on projects, instead of being employed”. Interview by Felice van der Sandt.

What about the energy consumption of blockchain #dbh17

Watch how Elias Haase (8bitpal) answers Martijn Eindhovens (@meindhoven) question about the energy consumption of blockchain technology

Nicolas Cary @Niccary “Biggest and best organized hackathon I’ve seen” #dbh17

Chris Ferris (IBM) @christo4ferris about judging this hackathon #dbh17

IBM is technical partner for the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon. Chris Ferris explains what he looks for when judging the teams.

Blockchain Jedi @martijnbolt on supporting the hackathon teams #Dbh17

Special Envoy @constantijn14 on “reinventing the operating system of society” #dbh17

Constantijn van Oranje is Special Envoy for Startup Delta. Since societies are based on trust, he sees lots of potential for blockchain technology.

Nick Stevens @clogish “we’re already winning’ #dbh17

As co-founder of The Big Building and as Chief Digital Officer for the city of Groningen, Nick Stevens sees it all coming together

Dimitri de Jonge from @bigchaindb explains what they offer as partners from the Hackathon #dbh17

And dimitri also tells us about his hopes: more ecosystem for Blockchain initiatives