Are markets conversations?

@dubber @solobasssteve Curious to hear your thoughts on this! via @ThesisOne Lykle de Vries Thu, Aug 16 2012 02:45:50 ReplyRetweetFavorite @lykle @solobasssteve @ThesisOne Don’t have a problem with whitelisting, but here’s one other perspective: Andrew Dubber Thu, Aug 16 2012 02:57:02 ReplyRetweetFavorite @dubber @solobasssteve ouch. But: one could argue that this type of […]

Let’s get this show on the road!

The last couple of years, as De Ondernemers, we have done a lot of stuff in the area that was once called ‘web2.0’. We experimented with an online opinion magazine written by a (hyper)local community (Stadslichten), we tried to create an online marketplace for speakers (Speakonomy), we invested much (way much) too early in location based advertising (Profitbird) and […]