Dutch Blockchain hackathon

Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017 Aftermovie Trailer #dbh17

Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017 February 10-12 Groningen, The Netherlands. http://blockchainhackathon.eu Read more at: Bekijken op Medium.com

I was at the biggest blockchain hackathon ever and this is what I learned

Blockchain is, in its core, an empowering technology. It enables digital peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a trusted third party. Bitcoin, the first blockchain application, was explicitly designed to facilitate online payments without the need for a bank. Other use cases include a notary service without a notary and a twitter service without Twitter. […]

International Trade and Entrepreneurship-track winners #dbh17 team Zissou: “We had a lot of fun”

“We solved a big problem for the Dutch self-employed. We made it easier to prove that you work on projects, instead of being employed”. Interview by Felice van der Sandt.

What about the energy consumption of blockchain #dbh17

Watch how Elias Haase (8bitpal) answers Martijn Eindhovens (@meindhoven) question about the energy consumption of blockchain technology

A new operating system for our society

Halfway through the largest blockchain hackathon ever organized, it is slowly getting clear that the five tracks are not some random topics for which sponsors happened to be available. There is actually some logic to it, especially when you look at it in terms of ‘ecosystem’ or ‘the next operating system of our society’. Let’s […]

Nicolas Cary @Niccary “Biggest and best organized hackathon I’ve seen” #dbh17

Chris Ferris (IBM) @christo4ferris about judging this hackathon #dbh17

IBM is technical partner for the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon. Chris Ferris explains what he looks for when judging the teams.

Blockchain Jedi @martijnbolt on supporting the hackathon teams #Dbh17

Special Envoy @constantijn14 on “reinventing the operating system of society” #dbh17

Constantijn van Oranje is Special Envoy for Startup Delta. Since societies are based on trust, he sees lots of potential for blockchain technology.

Nick Stevens @clogish “we’re already winning’ #dbh17

As co-founder of The Big Building and as Chief Digital Officer for the city of Groningen, Nick Stevens sees it all coming together